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Travelling at the speed of dog

on January 25, 2013


I’ve been doing some thinking about space, time and puppies.

If a light year is the speed that light travels in a year (~5,878,625,373,184 miles); then a dog year must be the distance that a dog travels in a year.

I have done some calculations and estimated that the average dog (say a beagle) walks at about 3 mph, breaking into runs only to chase cats or avoid baths. I estimate that the dog will only walk for about 6 hours a day, sleep for 10, nap for 2, scratch itself for one and spend the remaining time waiting by the side of a hot dog stall.

So, if there are 6 hours of walking at an average speed of 3 mph, a full year of walking would cover 6552* miles in a year.

Therefore, the answer to “how long is a dog year?” is 6552* miles.

Thank you for your attention.


* For those of you who actually are paying attention you will have noticed that the calculation was actually 6 x 3 x 364 – a whole day and a quarter missing. This is because I estimate that this time will be lost with a dicky tummy after having eaten a bad kebab from behind the bus stop.

And, no, I haven’t included leap years in this calculation; dogs don’t recognise them.

How silly are you? Sheesh.


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