Because there are few things we can be sure of….

Hey You! Peek-a-boo!

on February 14, 2013

I see you!

In the beginning there was laughter.

Let us think about that for a minute.

 We were all jubilant as we began our soul’s journey.

Singing songs of love and joy, we began our voyage.

All of us knew we had hard paths ahead of us, but we set off with happiness and enthusiasm. We carried the gifts of love, laughter and courage with us as we embarked on our adventure.

 Somewhere along the way, we seem to have forgotten our true joyful nature.

We have forgotten that we are made to laugh as well as cry.

To rejoice as well as mourn.

We have overlooked the fact that by taking ourselves too seriously, we miss the fun in life and the lessons therein.

When did we stop playing peek-a-boo?

It is time to reconnect with that wonderful energy; that deep, abiding happiness that forms and drives us.We need to allow ourselves time and space to play with the joyous light that is inside us.

 This is who you are.

This is what you are made of.

This joyful, loving energy is what your soul consists of.

More than anything, recognising that we are all filled with this magnificent joie de vivre is the easiest way to connect with others.

When we reach out with love and cheerfulness, we find that others react positively to us.

This is in much the same way as a child melts your heart with a smile and causes you to join in with that infectious, unrestrained laughter.

Greet people in your life with a great, big grin and see what reaction you get.

It is contagious!

Joy is the cradle of life.

We are nurtured by it.

When we connect with true joy, we find that love, happiness and courage follow along, too.

Fill your world with giggles rather than gripes, chuckles rather than complaints and beaming smiles rather than sulks and grimaces.

Celebrate all that is inspirational, amazing and moving.

Life is short and dazzlingly beautiful

 Now, go and have some fun in this world.

You can do it. You are made of laughter.


I see you!


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