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Always play the song of your heart

on May 17, 2013
Always play the song of your heart!

Always play the song of your heart!

(Servo 7 May 2013)


Be all that you can be.

You are your journey.

You are as beautiful as a diamond, as brilliant as a diamond; with as many facets.

All parts of your life can be seen through a different facet, and look different to people on the outside.

Your true nature is what is inside the diamond, which is the light that comes from all the different facets. Sometimes you feel out of place, like the huge inflatable duck in the middle of Sydney Harbour; when you get those feelings enjoy the laughter, joy and ridiculousness of the situation.


It is wonderful to view the world from the top of the mountain, but it is also important to look at what is at the foot of the trees. Only in considering the whole of the picture do you fully understand.

Birds see things from above but they have very good eyesight, so they can pick out things that are important to them. Although it may seem that they have a broad view, their view is actually narrowed down to what they need to see.

Worms cannot comprehend what goes on beyond their own world but, without them, without their limited view, things would not be sustained. Life would not churn over.


There is wisdom in trees, there is patience, and there is longevity. Take the time; listen to the trees, laugh and sing. When we associate with the trees, we feel like we are the same as the trees; strong, patient and loving.

(The trees say,) “we want to love you, we want to play. We want to provide shade so that you can sit underneath us. We like it when you spend time with us, but we are equally happy when we are on our own.

There is music in the forest, if only you would wait to hear it! Don’t rush through. Spend some time with us. Spend some time with us! Sit down, lean against us. Listen to the music. There is music in the forest; beautiful forest-song.

Even the single tree on the plain has a song. From the excited chatter of the saplings and the young trees, to bass, deep, rich notes of the old, old trees; everything in nature has a song. The trees have a song.

If only you could hear nature: if only you could hear the voices of the fish talking to each other, the stones talking to each other, the mountains talking to each other. In the Universe there is a cacophony of noise, but all of it in harmonious accord, even the noises that man has brought!

There is a place for every tone in the Universe chromatic. It is your hands upon the keyboard, your hand that plays the tune. You don’t need to read music to be able to produce a beautiful tune. Play the song of your heart; always play the song of your heart.

Open your heart. Open your heart to the earth; open your heart to the song of the earth. Everything in this Universe is based on that song; one song, our song, your song.

This is what it means; this is the vibrational frequency. It’s not complicated, it’s not difficult to understand.  Just as a gentle breeze seems like a tinkling melody from somewhere far away, so the crashing of the ocean provides the percussion; and each individual voice and note proclaims Love, proclaims Joy, proclaims Beauty.

The sound of your heart adds to that song perfectly.
We are all just colours of the rainbow, songs of the Universe. We are all part of a whole and the whole is part of each one of us.

Play with the dolphins, play with the raindrops, play with the feathers, and play with the children. Feel joy. Feel love. Feel freedom in that love.

Sing your song. Sing your song and the Universe will join in. The Universe is never silent; it is just that you didn’t know how to hear it. Now you do and you will never be the same again.

(You could) build a waterfall out of cheese, make an umbrella out of clouds, wear a cabbage hat – it doesn’t matter! Nothing matters, only that you sing your song.

We hope that this had made you smile and also touched your heart.

We love you.

We send you roses.

We send you roses.


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