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The Air Harp

on May 24, 2013
The AIr Harp

The air harp is the sound familiar to us all and sometimes we feel it reflected within our own heart.

Friday May 24th 2013

The “air harp” is multi-dimensional musical instrument. I use the term “air harp” so that you can understand it.

This instrument is huge bigger than your world, bigger than some (cosmological entities). It used to summon souls back to source; it is a magnificent instrument, played by those who are skilled in communication through this medium. Souls are called back to source when the remainder of their task that they have planned is complete. This may mean death or transmutation, depending on the environment or level at which they are currently existing.

The air harp is the sound familiar to us all and sometimes we feel it reflected within our own heart. This is not a sound to be afraid of, or a sound of doom; it is almost like the closing bell, the closing of a chapter. The sound reminds us that we must return once our task is complete. We are then ready to take on something new.

I call this thing the air harp but, really, it is a continuous sound throughout the Universe.  You may not always hear its note because you are not meant to. However, when you do, you will realise that at this time, your task has been completed. All souls incarnate or discarnate know the sound.

The air harp is depicted in much of your culture. When you think of the angels and their harps, this is a reflection of a distant memory. Choirs of angels singing, playing, the Heavenly Chorus, the song of the wind, the song of the sun, the song of life – these are all memories of the air harp. I wish I could give you a better name for this instrument, but my words through you are limited.

Today, I would also like to talk about incarnation and birth, something that you have had experience of; as have I.

We are both mothers and we are forever linked in a special way with our offspring. You know that in your heart there is a special place of pain in which you feel your child. However, (we) do not wish to remove that pain because it is our connection with our child. You love your children and seek to educate and nourish them, as do we. We are fiercely proud of our young and see them as being the future creators of good things. We do not view our young people as being inconvenient or a threat to us. Humanity has long regarded its passionate youth as being problematical; but you forget that this overflowing of youthful energy is just an expression of the life force.

You must learn to help the young people find outlets that are both positive and constructive, in order that they move into adulthood and maturity without any guilt from their youthful years. Do not seek to punish them for being young at a time (now) when you have forgotten how that felt.

If you can imagine the ocean as being where you need to step out into, imagine how it feels to face life in that way. You do not know if you will sink, you do not know what lies beneath. All that you know is that you will get wet. For young people, the experience of getting wet is part of the fun.

For older people the wondering what is on the far shore can be all that we observe in you. Perhaps it is time to splash rather than to grimly swim towards a place of safety. If you do not allow yourselves to enjoy the water, you will hurry to the distant shore and remove yourselves from the ocean as quickly as possible; resenting the feeling of being soaked in life. We would like to tell you how much more meaning you can take from your situation if you allow yourself to soak up all that is around you.

For today, that is all that I wish to share. It has been a pleasure to connect with you in this way.

We look forward to meeting with you soon

(Youthemeus) Can you tell me when that might happen?


If I answer that for you, you will be in a state of expectation. This is not a very conducive environment for us to make a connection. We would rather you keep yourself in a state of welcoming and happiness.

We will meet soon, but there is no rigid time or fixed date. Just allow yourself to expand, create and welcome all new things in your life.

We wish you well and leave you with Peace.


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