Because there are few things we can be sure of….

The Hawk-man and the Cougar

The Hawk-man

The Hawk-man

The Hawk-man approached from the other side of the circle; gliding through the dancers’ dust.
The light from the fires flicked and spat behind him, casting him in intermittent shadow.
As he stepped in front of me, I could see that he was wrapped in a pony hide; it was mottled and fluid, the pony spirit still running wild within.

He opened his arms to reveal a sleeping cougar which he placed at my feet.
I looked at The Hawk-man’s face, his rocky features and midnight eyes were sheltering beneath a hawk’s head.
The hawk’s eyes were also fixed upon me and held me in an unfathomable gaze.
On The Hawk-man’s left shoulder there perched a crow, on his right an eagle.

Crow spoke first, “Are you true?”
I had no words in my mouth to answer him.
“I will know if you are not true,” he said “and you will hear me laugh each time you form a lie in your mouth. I will laugh until you speak the truth.”

Eagle spoke next, “Are you pure?”
Again, no words would come for me to use.
“I see every little speck and spot that is in your life,” he continued “I will observe each patch of discolouration and I will swoop down to snatch it up until you live in purity of spirit.”

Then The Hawk-man bent forward to allow Hawk to speak.
“Are you free?”
This time I did not try to answer, just to listen.
“I can tell the difference between true freedom and passive compliance.” he said. “When you think you have freedom but in your heart are still bound; I will come and tear at your tethers until you are truly free.”

Cougar then awoke; warm and smooth, curled at my feet.
“Are you sure?” she said. “I, Cougar, am certain of wherever I put my feet, each step is taken with utter conviction.”
I looked at her mouth moving with these words.
“Each step you take that is on loose ground, I will know. I will come and curl myself around you until your feet find the firmness again.”

The Hawk-man straightened himself, wrapped his cloak around him and turned to walk away.
The cougar remained at my feet, vital and heavy.

“Hey! Hawk-man!” I called, “is there anything else?”
He did not even turn as he called back to me, “I have given you everything, now you must work with it.”

I looked at the cougar once more, she was asleep again.
As I gazed downwards, by my right foot appeared a flint blade in a leather pouch, three fire sticks and a small cooking pot.
I knew, then, that these few items symbolised my ability to survive with just the basics for living.

At my right foot were two large grinding stones, black and well-used. Between them were herbs; sage, rosemary, thyme and mint.
This, then, was my path.
I was to make medicine.

I have been given my healing tools and my tools of resonance.

Am I True?
Am I Pure?
Am I Free?
Am I Sure?

My journey begins now.

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First the singing crystal, now the talking stone!

My new friend!

My new friend!

Yesterday, I sat on a deserted beach in the sunshine of early Spring.
I had come down to the sea to pick up some stones which I needed for my energy work.
(I get the person that I am reading to hold a stone that they have picked at random from my large collection; when they have imprinted their energy pattern onto it, I tell them what I see.)

It’s a lovely gentle process, does not have the weight of expectation or misinterpretation that can sometimes get in the way with cards or other such tools. It is just a stone, no pre-judgement  is attached to it; it’s just a stone.

I must admit, that I had never talked to or communicated with the stones other than when I had one handed to me for a reading.
Yesterday, I was nudged/moved/cajoled (whatever!) to hold a conversation with the little stone (pictured above) that was still wet from the ocean.
No human had held it before and engaged it in conversation. We were both quite surprised.

This is what it had to say,
“I once was mighty, now I am small and I will become smaller still.
That is OK; my essence is still everywhere.
As much as my essence was in the whole mountain, now it is in the stone; soon it will be in every grain of sand.

It’s OK.
We go through constant change, all of us: living things and things that have no “consciousness” – we all go through change.
It’s OK.
My essence will always be here, it may just be scattered into a million, billion pieces.
But, it’s OK.”

I got a huge sense of tranquility and acceptance from this beautiful stone; I’m sure spending billions of years being kissed by the ocean will do that to an entity. There was a neutral, non-judgmental feeling from this stone and it was so very easy to talk to.

I suddenly realised that I was now in the middle of hundreds of thousands of stones that potentially all had a story to tell.
This thought was quite staggering and it took me a moment to breathe that realisation into my heart.
Unfortunately, I did not have a millenium or two to spare – it was nearly lunch-time, after all – so, I made my excuses and left.

Next time you are lucky enough to stumble on, trip over or just find some stones that particularly appeal to you; pick them up.
Introduce yourself and lovingly ask if they would like to share anything.
Don’t forget to send them some love in exchange for their messages.

You may just find yourself having conversations that will astound you.
Just don’t get them all to speak at once!

~ Youthemeus

You can read about my adventures with the singing crystal here: How to get a crystal to sing to you

Here’s little something from Paul Weller to get you in the mood for some stone-talk.

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Put Out The Welcome Mat….

Very apt.

One World Rising

Music to read by below:

Okay. Are we ready now to put our energies into meeting our extended family? We talk about disclosure and all but have we really concentrated on communicating with them and welcoming them here? I would think they would be a lot more eager to land if they felt our loving energies towards them. Perhaps we need a day of celebrating as a whole to welcome them here, then they could really feel our intentions. I would find it hard to think anyone doesn’t believe they are out there waiting to visit us, but maybe there is. It seems unfathomable that we could possibly still think we are all there is in the universe! That old brain washing sure did its thing I guess. I think we are getting help from higher sources at all times on this journey we are on. If you have…

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The old coat of remembering…..

The old coat of remembering becomes a rainbow of possibilities

The old coat of remembering becomes a rainbow of possibilities

Imagine this; one day you go into your wardrobe and spy a familiar jacket.
You can’t recall the last time that you wore it, but you know that belongs to you and that you have had it for a very long time.
You reach out and take it from its hanger.
Putting it on, you realise that it is a perfect, comfortable fit and just what you need to wear at the moment.

You wear the coat wherever you go; people begin to ask if there is something different about you.

You tell them, “no, I am just wearing my favourite coat. I have had it such a long time and it is so comfortable.”

Every day, the coat becomes more and more part of your life, you can’t imagine doing anything without wearing it. Sometimes you even place it at the foot of your bed because you can’t bear to hang it back in the closet.
Soon, you begin to notice that the coat is changing colour; it is becoming brighter and more vivid,almost as though it has a light source of its own.

People start to say, “Wow! You look amazing! Have you been on vacation?”
“No,” you say, “it’s this coat, it makes me look healthier and happier than before!”

Eventually, you begin to put your hands into the pockets; down, down, deep into the lining.
Your fingers feel things that move and vibrate with their own energy.
It takes a few days before you find the courage to bring these things out into the light.
You find sacred treasures, tools of resonance and words of wisdom. Everyday something new appears that makes your life richer and more intense.

You begin to share these gifts with those around you, just close friends at first.
For each gift you give away, another manifests itself in your pocket.
Soon, you are giving things away to strangers, to the animals that you encounter or begin leaving them under trees, by the ocean-side or on river banks.

Eventually, you no longer have to reach into the pockets to find the gifts, they just fall from your hands, out of your mouth and tumble from your heart. You have become a whirlwind of love and excitement, a dance of possibilities.

Friends no longer ask if you are OK, but you notice that many of them are wearing old coats and beaming like the sunrise.
Everyone around you has full pockets, hearts painted with love and clouds of dancing joy.

This, my darling, is how you will awaken.
Everything is already familiar to you, these gifts are already yours to share and all people have this opportunity to become full of divine light.

You have worn this coat before, you just have to put it on once more and reach into the pockets for your future.

~ Youthemeus

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The Wandering Woman

The journey is the puropose.

The journey is the purpose.

The Wandering Woman

I build for no shelter
I sing for no fame
I love for no future
I light for no flame
I begin for no ending

I sow for no harvest
I weave for no covering
I lay down for no rest

Don’t pity the Wandering Woman, she is not aimless or alone.
She’s the maiden, the Warrior Mother, the insightful, silvering Crone

Only the strong choose to wander, if you want some rhyme or reason
My soul’s choice to be travelling yonder, being wrenched from the hearth each season.

So, save me a place at your fire, for the light and the tales that I share.
See the dreams and the plans we inspire, You can build them, but I won’t be there.

In the leaving you will not find my sorrow, I have loved you and sung your today.
Greet the dawn that heralds tomorrow; for tonight, I wander away.


Not All Channels Connect With Higher Divine Realms

Archangel Michael


(Re-blogged from Silent Winds of Change)


Not All Channels Connect With Higher Divine Realms.

Time for a little clean-up.

Whether it is being done knowingly or not this needs to be said.

As it is known we are in a world of duality and that extends into every nook and cranny.  Generally it’s not considered that this would include channelled sources.  But the truth is, it does.  Some sources are connecting with the higher realms and some are connecting with the archons.  The archons wish to dis-empower us and make us think we need them to save us.  By following this thought process of needing someone external to save us we freely give away our power to them.  There are a few easy ways to spot this type of channelling.

– You will have an odd feeling that doesn’t feel good.

– They will say we are coming to save you soon.

– They will not mention that you have a higher-self.

– Parts of the message will praise you and other parts will make you think you need them to save you.

– These sources will also list dates many times that never happen and always give some excuse all to make you feel helpless and in fear.

True clear channels of higher sources would not include the above and always work to prop you up and show you your inner strength and abilities.

We claim we are system busters and that includes shining the light on all areas even our channels among us.

Link to original post: Not all channels connect with Higher Divine Realms

Blog: Silent Winds of Change

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There is no separation

We are all connected

We are all connected to source.

I am connected.
I am entwined with you, you are joined to me.
Both of us are connected to them, and we are bound to all.

Everything that I am, you are.
What you are is all that I am, too.
Together we make up more than the sum of us.

I do not stand apart.
I will not be isolated or differentiated.
There is no separation, there never was.

As I am, I am enough.
I am plenty enough for today, and more than enough for tomorrow.
Yesterday, I was perfectly enough for each moment.

I am not afraid.
Neither am I bowed, nor will I be cowed.
I am the whole, and that is enough.

There is no separation, and I am not afraid.

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