Because there are few things we can be sure of….

There is no separation

on August 5, 2013
We are all connected

We are all connected to source.

I am connected.
I am entwined with you, you are joined to me.
Both of us are connected to them, and we are bound to all.

Everything that I am, you are.
What you are is all that I am, too.
Together we make up more than the sum of us.

I do not stand apart.
I will not be isolated or differentiated.
There is no separation, there never was.

As I am, I am enough.
I am plenty enough for today, and more than enough for tomorrow.
Yesterday, I was perfectly enough for each moment.

I am not afraid.
Neither am I bowed, nor will I be cowed.
I am the whole, and that is enough.

There is no separation, and I am not afraid.


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