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Not All Channels Connect With Higher Divine Realms

on August 14, 2013

Archangel Michael


(Re-blogged from Silent Winds of Change)


Not All Channels Connect With Higher Divine Realms.

Time for a little clean-up.

Whether it is being done knowingly or not this needs to be said.

As it is known we are in a world of duality and that extends into every nook and cranny.  Generally it’s not considered that this would include channelled sources.  But the truth is, it does.  Some sources are connecting with the higher realms and some are connecting with the archons.  The archons wish to dis-empower us and make us think we need them to save us.  By following this thought process of needing someone external to save us we freely give away our power to them.  There are a few easy ways to spot this type of channelling.

– You will have an odd feeling that doesn’t feel good.

– They will say we are coming to save you soon.

– They will not mention that you have a higher-self.

– Parts of the message will praise you and other parts will make you think you need them to save you.

– These sources will also list dates many times that never happen and always give some excuse all to make you feel helpless and in fear.

True clear channels of higher sources would not include the above and always work to prop you up and show you your inner strength and abilities.

We claim we are system busters and that includes shining the light on all areas even our channels among us.

Link to original post: Not all channels connect with Higher Divine Realms

Blog: Silent Winds of Change


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