Because there are few things we can be sure of….

The old coat of remembering…..

on August 23, 2013
The old coat of remembering becomes a rainbow of possibilities

The old coat of remembering becomes a rainbow of possibilities

Imagine this; one day you go into your wardrobe and spy a familiar jacket.
You can’t recall the last time that you wore it, but you know that belongs to you and that you have had it for a very long time.
You reach out and take it from its hanger.
Putting it on, you realise that it is a perfect, comfortable fit and just what you need to wear at the moment.

You wear the coat wherever you go; people begin to ask if there is something different about you.

You tell them, “no, I am just wearing my favourite coat. I have had it such a long time and it is so comfortable.”

Every day, the coat becomes more and more part of your life, you can’t imagine doing anything without wearing it. Sometimes you even place it at the foot of your bed because you can’t bear to hang it back in the closet.
Soon, you begin to notice that the coat is changing colour; it is becoming brighter and more vivid,almost as though it has a light source of its own.

People start to say, “Wow! You look amazing! Have you been on vacation?”
“No,” you say, “it’s this coat, it makes me look healthier and happier than before!”

Eventually, you begin to put your hands into the pockets; down, down, deep into the lining.
Your fingers feel things that move and vibrate with their own energy.
It takes a few days before you find the courage to bring these things out into the light.
You find sacred treasures, tools of resonance and words of wisdom. Everyday something new appears that makes your life richer and more intense.

You begin to share these gifts with those around you, just close friends at first.
For each gift you give away, another manifests itself in your pocket.
Soon, you are giving things away to strangers, to the animals that you encounter or begin leaving them under trees, by the ocean-side or on river banks.

Eventually, you no longer have to reach into the pockets to find the gifts, they just fall from your hands, out of your mouth and tumble from your heart. You have become a whirlwind of love and excitement, a dance of possibilities.

Friends no longer ask if you are OK, but you notice that many of them are wearing old coats and beaming like the sunrise.
Everyone around you has full pockets, hearts painted with love and clouds of dancing joy.

This, my darling, is how you will awaken.
Everything is already familiar to you, these gifts are already yours to share and all people have this opportunity to become full of divine light.

You have worn this coat before, you just have to put it on once more and reach into the pockets for your future.

~ Youthemeus


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