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First the singing crystal, now the talking stone!

on August 28, 2013
My new friend!

My new friend!

Yesterday, I sat on a deserted beach in the sunshine of early Spring.
I had come down to the sea to pick up some stones which I needed for my energy work.
(I get the person that I am reading to hold a stone that they have picked at random from my large collection; when they have imprinted their energy pattern onto it, I tell them what I see.)

It’s a lovely gentle process, does not have the weight of expectation or misinterpretation that can sometimes get in the way with cards or other such tools. It is just a stone, no pre-judgement  is attached to it; it’s just a stone.

I must admit, that I had never talked to or communicated with the stones other than when I had one handed to me for a reading.
Yesterday, I was nudged/moved/cajoled (whatever!) to hold a conversation with the little stone (pictured above) that was still wet from the ocean.
No human had held it before and engaged it in conversation. We were both quite surprised.

This is what it had to say,
“I once was mighty, now I am small and I will become smaller still.
That is OK; my essence is still everywhere.
As much as my essence was in the whole mountain, now it is in the stone; soon it will be in every grain of sand.

It’s OK.
We go through constant change, all of us: living things and things that have no “consciousness” – we all go through change.
It’s OK.
My essence will always be here, it may just be scattered into a million, billion pieces.
But, it’s OK.”

I got a huge sense of tranquility and acceptance from this beautiful stone; I’m sure spending billions of years being kissed by the ocean will do that to an entity. There was a neutral, non-judgmental feeling from this stone and it was so very easy to talk to.

I suddenly realised that I was now in the middle of hundreds of thousands of stones that potentially all had a story to tell.
This thought was quite staggering and it took me a moment to breathe that realisation into my heart.
Unfortunately, I did not have a millenium or two to spare – it was nearly lunch-time, after all – so, I made my excuses and left.

Next time you are lucky enough to stumble on, trip over or just find some stones that particularly appeal to you; pick them up.
Introduce yourself and lovingly ask if they would like to share anything.
Don’t forget to send them some love in exchange for their messages.

You may just find yourself having conversations that will astound you.
Just don’t get them all to speak at once!

~ Youthemeus

You can read about my adventures with the singing crystal here: How to get a crystal to sing to you

Here’s little something from Paul Weller to get you in the mood for some stone-talk.


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