Because there are few things we can be sure of….

Let your spirit fly free…

This is an utterly exquisite video accompanying a beautiful song.
Blissed out and replete.

Have a blesséd, inspired and joy-filled day.

~ Youthemeus


The parable of the ant.

The leaf:  his raison d’être

The leaf: his raison d’être

Today, I watched as a worker ant struggled to get through a tiny hole in the fly screen.
He was carrying part of a leaf, it was bigger than he was.
All around him other ants toiled with their loads, following one another in a seemingly endless line of leaves and ants.
Fixed on their purpose, they journeyed on; no one of them broke ranks except the little ant at the fly screen.

He pushed and pulled, trying different angles and approaches; but he just could not get the leaf to go through.
Because he would not let go of the leaf, he could not get any further.
I wondered how he was going to resolve his dilemma. He wanted to get to the other side of the screen but he did not want to let go of his leaf.
This leaf was all he had, his only treasure. How could he possibly let it go? What would be the point of being on the other side of the screen if he did not have his leaf?
Who was he without his life’s purpose?

After a long while, the ant seemed to pause. He put down the leaf in the dust and approached the screen.
The ant tentatively poked his antennae through the hole to see what was on the other side.
He pulled back from the screen and returned to his leaf. He moved it one more time towards the screen, as if willing it to go through on its own.
Once more he stepped away from the leaf and returned to the screen. He poked his antennae, then his head, his thorax and finally his abdomen through the hole.
Now fully on the other side of the screen, he gazed wistfully at his beloved leaf; his one possession, his companion, his status symbol, his raison d’être – the leaf.

Without warning, a small breath of wind spirited the leaf away as the ant looked on.
He turned away from the space that once was his leaf (his very life) and studied his new surroundings.
The ant found himself in the shade of a beautiful plant that was green, lush and thrumming with activity.

He saw other ants, free from their leaf-burdens, traveling up and down the stalks of the plant.
Not one of them was traveling behind another, they walked side by side, or on their own.
Some ants even traced lazy spirals on the leaves as they expressed themselves.

This is what the little ant knew was waiting for him. This was his chance to be his authentic self.
In order to become real he had to stop being part of another’s reality.

By letting go of his old behaviour, he received more than he could have imagined.
By stepping out of the line, he became the master of his own path.

Today, I learnt from an ant.
I am shedding my leaf and pushing through to other side.
Why don’t you join me? I hear it is lovely over there.


~ Youthemeus


Walk your own path

 "Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet" ~ Thich Nhat Hahn

“Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet” ~ Thich Nhat Hahn

There really is no substitute for the lessons that you learn from your feet.

Wherever they walk, they are telling you your story.
You. Your feet. Your journey.
Only you have walked this way, only you have taken those steps.

Whilst it is good to have fellow travelers alongside for some of the trip, don’t let them distract you.
They too have their own paths to negotiate. You cannot follow them and stay true to your own lessons.

Don’t be enamored of others’ tales of wondrous lands and celestial beings. You are your own saviour.
Those who wait to be saved or scooped up in loving arms will wait forever.
Don’t give away your power or discernment to those who weave a fantastic tale.

You are where you are.  You are present in this moment, in this place and in this time.
It is your story, not a fairy tale that someone has written on your behalf.
Own this space. Own your feelings. Own your weaknesses. Own your strength.

If you are constantly following others like a lost child, then that is how you shall remain.
Do not live in constant fear of being left alone on the track.
Unbind yourself from the template of thinking that does not truly belong to you.
All you need to know is within. Take the time to find your voice inside yourself, not outside.

Be at peace with the world around you and step gently on this good earth.
Do no harm, speak only truth and leave the circle quietly if the drum does not beat in time with your heart.
There is no need to groan or thrash around like a fish in a net. You are not trapped.
If it does not serve you, walk away.

Your feet will soon let you know when you are back on your own path again.
Resume your lessons with gratitude for all that you are and all that you have inside.

Walk your own path.


~ Youthemeus

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