Because there are few things we can be sure of….

For all my Southern Hemisphere friends….

The actual card does not have the copyright text running through it!

The actual card does not have the copyright text running through it!

To address the lack of easy to use calendars for us “Down Under”, I have created some postcard-sized “Southern Hemisphere Sabbats & Esbats – 2015”
I hope that you find them as useful as I know I will!

On the reverse side it reads:

“May the light of the Moon, Stars and Sun 
Guide your path for years to come.

I’ve got a couple of hundred and am selling them on eBay for a silly price (10 for $6.50 with free postage). Basically, this only just about covers the cost of printing and eBay fees!

Link to eBay:  (Sorry, these are only available in Australia)

(For all you sunset lovers out there, that sunset was over Glenelg Beach, SA)

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The Hawk-man and the Cougar

The Hawk-man

The Hawk-man

The Hawk-man approached from the other side of the circle; gliding through the dancers’ dust.
The light from the fires flicked and spat behind him, casting him in intermittent shadow.
As he stepped in front of me, I could see that he was wrapped in a pony hide; it was mottled and fluid, the pony spirit still running wild within.

He opened his arms to reveal a sleeping cougar which he placed at my feet.
I looked at The Hawk-man’s face, his rocky features and midnight eyes were sheltering beneath a hawk’s head.
The hawk’s eyes were also fixed upon me and held me in an unfathomable gaze.
On The Hawk-man’s left shoulder there perched a crow, on his right an eagle.

Crow spoke first, “Are you true?”
I had no words in my mouth to answer him.
“I will know if you are not true,” he said “and you will hear me laugh each time you form a lie in your mouth. I will laugh until you speak the truth.”

Eagle spoke next, “Are you pure?”
Again, no words would come for me to use.
“I see every little speck and spot that is in your life,” he continued “I will observe each patch of discolouration and I will swoop down to snatch it up until you live in purity of spirit.”

Then The Hawk-man bent forward to allow Hawk to speak.
“Are you free?”
This time I did not try to answer, just to listen.
“I can tell the difference between true freedom and passive compliance.” he said. “When you think you have freedom but in your heart are still bound; I will come and tear at your tethers until you are truly free.”

Cougar then awoke; warm and smooth, curled at my feet.
“Are you sure?” she said. “I, Cougar, am certain of wherever I put my feet, each step is taken with utter conviction.”
I looked at her mouth moving with these words.
“Each step you take that is on loose ground, I will know. I will come and curl myself around you until your feet find the firmness again.”

The Hawk-man straightened himself, wrapped his cloak around him and turned to walk away.
The cougar remained at my feet, vital and heavy.

“Hey! Hawk-man!” I called, “is there anything else?”
He did not even turn as he called back to me, “I have given you everything, now you must work with it.”

I looked at the cougar once more, she was asleep again.
As I gazed downwards, by my right foot appeared a flint blade in a leather pouch, three fire sticks and a small cooking pot.
I knew, then, that these few items symbolised my ability to survive with just the basics for living.

At my right foot were two large grinding stones, black and well-used. Between them were herbs; sage, rosemary, thyme and mint.
This, then, was my path.
I was to make medicine.

I have been given my healing tools and my tools of resonance.

Am I True?
Am I Pure?
Am I Free?
Am I Sure?

My journey begins now.

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