Because there are few things we can be sure of….

The Unbearable Weight of Truth

Artist unknown

The words which we don’t dare to speak,
Are the words that weigh us down.
The silent words that tell of pain,
Are those that help us drown.

The stories that we cannot tell
Are those that keep us bound.
The things that we can never say,
Will keep us in the ground.

The truths that can’t be said aloud,
Are those that stop our breath.
The sentences that set us free,
Unspoken, hasten death.

The darkness that we keep close by,
In the suffocating still.
The nothing we believe we are,
The void we never fill.

Though in the gloom; a spark! a breeze!
Of something simply kind.
A hand that reaches in the fire,
Bids us leave it all behind.

To tell our truth, to damn those lies,
Is to walk in light unknown.
The freedom that we yearn for now,
Grows the seed that hope has sown.



©youthemeus 2017


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Drumming fun!


Put Out The Welcome Mat….

Very apt.

One World Rising

Music to read by below:

Okay. Are we ready now to put our energies into meeting our extended family? We talk about disclosure and all but have we really concentrated on communicating with them and welcoming them here? I would think they would be a lot more eager to land if they felt our loving energies towards them. Perhaps we need a day of celebrating as a whole to welcome them here, then they could really feel our intentions. I would find it hard to think anyone doesn’t believe they are out there waiting to visit us, but maybe there is. It seems unfathomable that we could possibly still think we are all there is in the universe! That old brain washing sure did its thing I guess. I think we are getting help from higher sources at all times on this journey we are on. If you have…

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There is no separation

We are all connected

We are all connected to source.

I am connected.
I am entwined with you, you are joined to me.
Both of us are connected to them, and we are bound to all.

Everything that I am, you are.
What you are is all that I am, too.
Together we make up more than the sum of us.

I do not stand apart.
I will not be isolated or differentiated.
There is no separation, there never was.

As I am, I am enough.
I am plenty enough for today, and more than enough for tomorrow.
Yesterday, I was perfectly enough for each moment.

I am not afraid.
Neither am I bowed, nor will I be cowed.
I am the whole, and that is enough.

There is no separation, and I am not afraid.

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Animalia Paradoxa – A contradictory animal

That old bugger, Paradox, rides again.

That old bugger, Paradox, rides again.

Ha! Paradox!

You old rascal!

I see you and your wily ways. Never one for a simple answer; you are a real wiggler, and I love you for it!

There you are, pulling a chariot in both directions, but still somehow moving forward. You must have such fun with your new constructions, your situations of increasing complexity.

However, I am sorry to break the news to you that I no longer fear your devices. I have learnt to embrace your foibles and eccentricities; in fact, I am beginning to enjoy them. Without you, life would be dull and offer no challenges to an inquisitive soul such as myself.

I thank you for being you; mythical, magical being of challenge and discovery. A blessing on your leaden wings that take you to such heights. I would kiss you, but as always, you are just out of reach; illuminated by your own shadow.

Let’s play again, soon.

Your loving friend,

Youthemeus xx

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RemovingTheShackles – D – Are You Ready? Tonight On The One People’s Radio Show…- 1 July 2013

RemovingTheShackles – D – Are You Ready? Tonight On The One People’s Radio Show…- 1 July 2013.

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I do not consent.


My Universal Declaration

To all Beings who would enslave or inhibit my soul: hear me.

To all Entities that harvest my light, my creativity, my energy or my love: hear me.


I declare that I am free of your control and fraudulent contracts. I DO NOT CONSENT to being used by you as either a source of energy or a tool for the enslavement of others.
Any contracts you may believe you have with me, are void. I DID NOT CONSENT to their content or manipulation.

I DO NOT CONSENT to being held in your matrix, ensnared in your grid or entangled in your vampiric game.

Universe: hear me.
Gaia: hear me.
Humanity: hear me.
Galactic Family: hear me.

I DECLARE AND STATE that I am free and offer to you my eternal heart for our mutual growth in all times past, present and future.
I DECLARE AND STATE that I have free will and am the lawful owner of my own eternal soul in all times past, present and future.

I stand as I AM in all matters concerning my soul, heart and body.
I stand as I AM in transparency.
I stand as I AM in truth.
I stand as I AM in Eternal Freedom.


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My Dark Night of the Soul (Well, it was more like an overcast lunch-time, really)

Cough it up, kitty!

Cough it up, kitty!

Yesterday was not one of my better days.

I woke up tired and things just seem to roll on downhill throughout the whole morning.
In the past, I would have moped around and just let myself get stickier and stickier in that mess of heavy energy.
Today, however, I ran at it; head first. Took it, shook it and let myself say out loud what I was feeling.
I was arguing with myself about Awakening. I was telling myself that I wanted to go “back to sleep” because this was just too hard to deal with.

Once I had said this out loud, I recognised it as being a purely fear-based reaction to the prospect of future life-changes.
A fear-based reaction? Now those I know how to deal with!
The reason it was a little hard to identify is that those fear-worms are too cowardly to come out with who they are and what they want.
Once you have their name and number, you can deal with them. This one was a particularly nasty bugger and I felt that I was going to have use a physical process to get rid of it.

In this situation, there is only one thing for it: HOUSEWORK!
Break out the broom, dusters, soapy water and dust pan. I’m going to clean this feeling out of me.

And so I did. After about an hour and a half of cleaning and singing along to the radio, the dam broke. The song that did it was Chiquitita by Abba. (It’s below if you want to sing along)
It was not pretty. Like a cat hacking up a fur-ball (or in this case, fear-ball), I just let my body physically expel the mess through tears and dancing.

Afterwards, not only did I have a lovely clear energy field for the first time in a couple of days, I also had a clean house! Oh YAY for me and my domestic/energetic prowess.

The moral of the story for me is; when things start to feel heavy and painful, I need to say out loud what is on my mind. That way my front brain can hear what my back brain is struggling to deal with.
Simple really, isn’t it?

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It’s true! We are love.


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Loving the unlovely – how one woman’s compassion is helping the condemned reclaim their humanity

Loving the unlovely – how one woman’s compassion is helping the condemned reclaim their humanity.

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